Financial Planning Process



Planning vs. Advice

We strongly believe that we cannot give advice to our clients without first producing a comprehensive financial plan for them.  

Only once we have a full understanding of the clients financial position and discover their wants and needs for the future can we feel fully comfortable advising on what action should be taken. 

How our process works

Discovery Meeting

The first meeting will be at our expense.  It tends to last for an hour and gives us an opportunity to get to know more about you, your current circumstances and plans for the future.  We will also spend time explaining the services we provide and how we charge for them.

Production of The Plan

The next step in the process is for us to produce a comprehensive financial plan.  The majority of the information we need to do this should be collected during our Discovery Meeting.  Our team may need to ask you for additional information along the way but will strive to do so in the least disruptive manner possible.

Presenting Your Plan

Once complete we will meet with you to present your Financial Plan.  The Plan will include a projection of your Income and Expenditure over time as well as a picture of your Net Worth both now and as you move through life.  It will help us to illustrate potential fixes needed to your current financial situation as well as to layout what the best course of action is, as we move forward.


After completing and presenting the plan we will be able to agree with you the recommended next steps.  There may be nothing to do immediately but as solutions are needed we will look to implement them for you.

On-going Review

Your Financial Plan will form the basis of our on-going discussion.  At each review meeting we will update it for any changes in your circumstances and refresh the projections to make sure that you are on the right track.

Fees and Charging Structure

We aim to provide an individual service for each of our clients and endeavour to structure our fees to fit with their circumstances.  A full and transparent description of how we charge for each stage of our process will be provided before we commence any work on your behalf.