Posted by: nmarsh May 19th, 2015

We have had a lot of valuable and mostly positive feedback on Ashlea’s new website.  People seemed to have really studied the page describing the Financial Planning process and the introduction of, what we like to call, a Discovery meeting.

Realising that it can be somewhat daunting coming to discuss your finances we wanted to provide as much detail as possible on what our process would involve.  It seems however that we didn’t allow quite enough space for the initial meeting which is of course the first and most significant hurdle for us to get over.

So why do we call it a Discovery Meeting and what should people expect when they are preparing to come to Ashlea for the first time? 
Your first port of call will be with Sue and her team who will set up a time for us to meet and let you know what might be useful to bring along.  This will include identification and documents related to anything you want to discuss during the meeting.  We have some people who just bring themselves and others who bring plastic bags full of paperwork – both approaches are fine with us!

Ashlea’s offices are what we like to call “relaxed but professional”.  They are adjacent to Diane’s house which gives them a homely feel and access to the wonderful garden, whilst at the same time providing private and quiet space for more earnest discussion.

We generally tell people that the meeting will last for an hour but in reality it may take longer and we schedule our time to allow for that.  It is also at our expense, our cost - it’s for free!  All this really means is that we won’t be charging you for our time and we will make sure you get a cup of tea or coffee to keep you refreshed during the discussion.

So in a nutshell it is not about gathering all the facts we can in the shortest amount of time possible but rather, taking the time to discover a little bit more about each other and making sure that we can work together over the long term to plan your financial future.  We are always pleased when people sign-up to be Ashlea clients but we certainly don’t expect it during the first meeting.  For those that don’t end up becoming clients all we can hope is that they leave after a positive experience and know a little bit more about how to think about their finances.